Bird Flu 2.0

Jeffrey Gene’s Pierce’s Hong Kong school reacts to incidence of Avian Flu:

For one, secondary students and teachers would simply be expected to “go virtual” – that’s a contingency that my school is in the process of preparing for…a new project that I’m needed to work on, I found out a few hours ago via email. Give me 24 hours, I could get that wikispace back up into shape, and we’re good to go.

In the event of a nationwide epidemic, please consider every one of my School 2.0 reservations null and watch how fast I get my UStream on.

[Updated ’cause Jeff’s full name is nowhere to be found in his blog, URL, or Google username, each which is separately misleading.]

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  1. dan, find a new widget on my blog just for you.

    my middle name is eugene.

    if there’s an epidemic so large it shuts down cali schools…man i dunno if i’d ever come back!