Asilomar Dispatch #1: Schedule

BTW: added links to session recaps.

I’m tweeting and blogging CMC-North in Monterey this weekend so get juiced. This is the tentative line-up:


  1. YouTube Math: Politics, Advocacy, And The Internet, Marianne Smith. [link]
  2. Visualize Algebra And Geometry Concepts With Greatest Of Ease, Bill Lombard. [link]
  3. From Tsuruda to Sicherman: 30 Of The Best Math Problems Ever, Megan Taylor. [link]
  4. PowerPoint: Do No Harm, Dan Meyer. [link]


  1. Games And Puzzles That Develop Sequential Reasoning, Michael Serra. [link]
  2. Making High Content Math Movies And Music Videos, Robert MacCarthy. Students Take Charge Of Their Learning And Raise Test Scores, Kate Reed. [link]
  3. What Does A Complete, Balanced Curriculum Really Mean?, Tom Sallee. [link]
  4. Digital Story Telling With Mathematics, Brian Van Dyck. [link]


  1. In Fact, It’s All About Data, Tim Erickson.

My closing remarks.

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  1. Great presenters, too. Tim Erickson is always of interest. Did you see Marianne Smith’s presentation? Serra is the author of DISCOVERING GEOMETRY. Tom Sallee is one of the main authors of the CPM curricula for middle school and high school integrated math.