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  1. Okay, my theory on needing words to tell a story, was just blown by Frederich. Look at those last two slides, the narrative is CRYSTAL clear. Whatever the rest of you think about the design, he’s told the best story so far, IMHO. It would be fun to marry Tom’s gorgeous design sense with Frederich’s great sense of visual narrative.

  2. Believe it or not, I’m trying my hand at this, too. Even though after checking out Tom’s and Nick’s, mine will pale in comparison.

  3. Gee, i’m blushing.

    Thx Ms Mercer. i’ve redone the slide in a more, uh, modern scheme, but i’m not sure i’m really much happier with it than the goofy primary colors in the original.

    i’ll take that narrative comment as a high compliment, though, because that’s what I always hope for (though I wasn’t at all sure that i’d even come close this time).

  4. I agree with Mercer. Mr. K’s got a nice story going.

    I think my stuff is fairly fragmented and that’s how I felt looking back. Maybe I was being overly anal but I wanted real stats and found I just didn’t have many. What I did have was incomplete and a pain to compile. That will not be the case in 2008.

    @Mr K. – I think I prefer the 80s style colors to the remake (which ends up kind of washing things out too much). The thing I might look at is the background.

  5. Jose, glad to hear it. No matter how the technical or design side turns out, for me, I found this particular form of reflection and self-expression kind of a blast.

  6. Hi Dan,

    I’ve got a couple of ideas ticking away… One is strictly within the guidelines of the compo… but the other is about something that’s been bugging me for a while and which I’m inclined to use the compo brief to explore…

    I’ve got the weekend to see what I can manage… stay tuned…

  7. OK, I’m not going to whine—but I need more time. Motherboard in my “big” laptop got fried so religated to using husband’s measly laptop. No photoshop….. I’ll certainly understand your deadline, of course if several hundred other people needed more time……hint hint

  8. Hey, I didn’t raise my hand!

    Have never done this kind of data display before – and need to do it for just that reason, of course – and will make a serious attempt this weekend sometime.

  9. This was a great experience, win or lose. It kind of reminds me of my own teachings about media literacy… by simply writing out these stats, its made me more aware of what the stats mean and how they affect me.