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  1. I think Dan’s groaning because he’s going to miss that wild and crazy “Using Area to Enhance Teaching of Polynomials” session that’s concurrent with his!

  2. Rich: Perhaps it’s the “Writing” session that snuck into the Math conference. Next thing you know, they’ll be asking kids what their “feelings” are about math…and demanding teachers ‘grade’ the responses.

    Dan: I begged 25+ colleagues of mine yesterday during a prof dev session I led at my school to never, ever, ever, ever, never, ever again allow a) clip art or b) bullet points to show up on their PPt prezos for students. Perhaps I should have just sent them out to Cali to sit in your session.

    Good luck with the audience, fella!

  3. If your doing anything on sharing Power Points, you might want to show http://www.authorstream.com. It’s like slideshare.net, but will pick up added audio narrations and make the slide show into a video that you can embed or download on the site or through iTunes. I’m trying it out as review this year for my students, or for students who miss the “lecture”.

  4. Gina: I do not know of any that will work with Keynote, but that is mainly because I’ve never used Keynote. I think that Keynote has better options built in to output into movie files on it’s own than going through another service. I’d suggest trying to output as a movie and uploading and sharing on a wiki.

  5. Keynote’s output options are almost perfect. You’ve got, like, everything from iPod to iTunes to DVD to Flash. Last I checked, the narration slipped, though, the audio slowly coming unglued from the slides.

    C’mon, Apple. One more update.