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dy/av : 007 : preview

If this arrow isn’t in the new math teacher’s quiver, it oughtta be.

How do you answer the question: when will we use [x] in real life?, where [x] is some abstract concept or, as in my case, the 97% of math that doesn’t explicitly involve “shapes.” I have witnessed and, myself, promoted answers snarky and serious, long and short. You oughtta have something.

Motivating Question

  • When will we use [y] in real life?, where [y] is the abstract corners of the course you teach?

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dy/av : 006 : carver’s classroom management

dy/av : 006 : carver’s classroom management from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.


police, ethic of care, classroom management, the wire, ellis carver

iPod Edition

dy/av : 006 : carver’s classroom management (640 x 480)


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dy/av : 006 : preview

Yet another perspective on this elephant I call classroom management. Yet another angle on teaching through the tilt-shift lens of television. This time we have a show which deals with, um, police officers in, um, Baltimore, the title of which I don’t want to spoil. So.

Motivating Questions

  1. How does a policeman’s ethic of care mirror that of the classroom teacher?

Recommended Reading

  1. The Truest Thing I’ve Ever Watched Or Written. Spoiler alert, etc.

BTW: I’m on a beach called Playa Grande right now, good and married, so I invited Chris Craft, whose experience as a police officer is far from irrelevant here, aboard to handle commentary. Show him a good time.