Month: June 2008

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dy/av : 002 : preview

I can’t lose lecture. The skills I teach necessarily involve modeling, questioning, and transmission. There are those who insist lecture is per se irrelevant and self-obsessed, but theirs is a reductive, useless line of inquiry. For my part in this collaborative disquisition on the future of learning, I can’t take any participant seriously who would volunteer an entire medium (TV, for example) or tool (lecture, PowerPoint, etc) to the gallows.

Motivating Questions

  1. So what does good lecturing look like in the 21st century?
  2. How can 21st-century tools – an entry-level digital projector, let’s say – enrich lecturing?

dy/av : 001 : preview

Let’s get past that moment when a blogger becomes enamored of self-expression. The kid is hooked and now wants to know how to add value to the blogging communities around her.

Motivating Questions

  1. What constitutes valuable blogging?
  2. How does one translate that constitution to vodcasting?

Recommended Reading

  1. On Vid Snacks

the dy/dan summer jam

Over the next ten weeks this blog will find me a) getting married, b) wrapping up post-production on my longest video to date, c) looking for a place to live, d) looking for a place to work, e) putting in some summer hours with Big Tree Learning, f) getting married, and, as you read this prerecorded post, g) hanging out with some (presumably cool) educators and my pops in Washington, DC, at Cable’s Leaders in Learning Awards. In light of that to-do list, my blogging output here may be a bit light for the summer months.

However, there is one commitment I’d like to make around here: a ten-episode vodcasting season, one episode a week, every Wednesday: dy/av.

I don’t know how you’ll react to any of these but your reaction is almost beside their point. I need video around here like you can’t believe. It has been too long.