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Woke up to Patrick Higgins in my reader this morning, a School 2.0 proponent whose recent levelheadedness has spared the readers of this blog my School 2.0 sniping for at least a coupla days.

… in all of our post-NECC hysteria and school change exuberance, are we beginning to forget our stakeholders? As I prepare for next school year by looking back at this past one, I can see bits and pieces of this mentality in my actions and interactions with people. “This is where we are going–jump on or you will be irrelevant!”

He links up Steve Dembo also:

After reading a ton of blog posts from NECC and EduBloggerCon, I’m starting to wonder if We (Edubloggers) are getting a little egotistical. WE get it, THEY don’t. And if people did things our way, then we’d all be driving flying cars. But WE are a distinct minority.

It doesn’t really concern me if any of their self-doubts are valid. That the question “how are we coming off right now?” has been asked at all brings me relief I can’t describe at 06h23.

Patrick sees this as the movement’s new direction and that makes me pretty excited. I realize that this school change movement entails (naturally) an amount of disgust for where schools are now but that same disgust has been misdirected at a lot of teachers whose only crime has been functioning competently inside the only system they know. *self-pitying whimper* Point is: there’s gonna remain a lot of legroom in the bandwagon until more School 2.0-ists start asking themselves that same question.


  1. Scott Elias and Todd Seal‘s recent tech manifestos.
  2. And just for good measure, though of only the barest relation to any of this, Mark Stock’s LeaderTalk post, Everything I Needed To Know About Schools I Learned By Being A Superintendent Of A Few.
  3. Been a great morning for reading, team. Thanks for that.
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  1. Great links here, Dan. I’ve got some ideas why we as a society tend to hold the reigns back on progress in education. I will be updating my blog and posting some of that in the coming weeks.

    I haven’t commented here for a while, but continue to read your stuff. I’m impressed with how you keep up on all of this stuff. Keep up the good work. What’s the job situation like for the upcoming year?

  2. Glad you’re still around, Rick. Next year I’m at the same school with the same room and the same preps. I’m going from 80% to 100% so this basically means having some disposable income next year and the time (since I’ve saved absolutely everything) to use it. Can’t wait really.

  3. Yeesh, sounds super, but I should probably change “disposable” to “saveable” up there. I mean, I’m practically a grown up now. My savings account probably could reflect my age a little better.