We’re hiring!

Here at dy/dan, for the first time, we’re opening our spikey-topped wrought-iron gates to one (1) lucky little feller or fella. We’re looking for an intern, or short of that, some kind of indentured servant, to help us sort through all these submissions we’re receiving for The Four Slide Sales Pitch contest!

It’s out of control! Submissions so far:

Alice Mercer
Diane Cordell
Dave Stacey
Colette Cassinelli
John Pederson
Marcie Hull
Chris Duke
Ethan Bodner
Nancy Bosch
Glenn Moses
Carolyn Foote

The rest of you have until midnight Friday PST to get ’em in. dan [at] mrmeyer [dot] com, or trackbacks seem to work fine. Extra credit for linking to the contest from your blog.

Prospective interns, possessing strong self-esteem and a limitless capacity to absorb insult, should apply within.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. In addition to the interns and insult-absorber ‘volunteers’ that will help you cull the wave of submissions, will the winners and judges get a driver to the Awards ceremony as well?

  2. Isn’t it fun (and not surprising) that everybody’s submission and the format they sent it in are different—pdf, flicker, blog, etc.

  3. If I wasn’t already looking forward to ‘sitting down with’ Dan and Scott to review the final submissions just for the sheer fun of it — sort of like ordering a “soda suicide” at the little league concessions stand as your 7 year old buddies bet who can drink the most in one sip — the free ride to the awards ceremony has put me over the top!

    I’m definitely impressed by the sampling thus far. As much as the content itself matters, the personality-by-design elements are catching my eye (no pun intended) most of all. At the end of the day, if the 4-slide submission is memorable and makes you a bit envious…it should rank high.

    (Oh, and those that include a veiled, slightly hidden reference to my own blog in some completely unexpected way that makes my deal ol’ mum blush with pride will get extra judge points, too.)

    Cheers to the submitters; cheers to the pied piper.

  4. A. Mercer: I’ll see if I can convince Beckett’s mama to let him come to the Awards ceremony to congratulate you in person (or at least smile for nodding to his papa the judge).

    Scott: Wondering when you were going to get your slide-on, especially after the emails you sent Dan and me. Well done!

    Carolyn: I’ve already begun to formulate my opening week 4-slide bio assignment for my 10th grade kids. Going to do it 3-4 times this school year to see how their personal ‘brand’ evolves, too.

    Dan: You promised me there might not be any entries…so that I’d get the honor of being a judge without doing any work. Sheesh. I have to skip watching re-runs of “Taxi” this weekend now that it’s vitally clear that your contest has caught fire. But this is a good problem to have!