We shook up the world!

You mean you don’t do your professional development here? Man that sucks.

Asilomar, see you next year. Readers, see you later this week. I’ve gotta recharge.

The Complete List

Asilomar #9: Asia
Asilomar #8: The Future
Asilomar #7: Excel
Asilomar #6: PowerPoint
Asilomar #5: Hooks
Asilomar #4: Friday Keynote
Asilomar #3: Green Knowledge
Asilomar #2: Proportions
Asilomar #1: Motivation
Asilomar 2007

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  1. Yeah, do it. The best presentation I attended (the first one on motivation) was part of the leadership strand which runs through the entire conference. Any ol’ schmoe can attend (cf. yours truly) but it’s designed for school leaders.

    In case you needed any extra justification for booking the flight.