Two Questions

  1. I need to buy a book that’s got a bunch of these coordinate connect-the-dots thingies.

    Google’s been playing coy. Anybody have anything good, the title and publisher of which they’d share?

    [Big ups to Sara from the comments for listing Cartesian Cartoons, which is exactly what I’m looking for, right down to the creepy troll dominating the front cover.]

  2. Do any Californians know if ROP credentials are state- or county-issued? I’m looking to get an ROP credential so’s I can teach video production but I’ve never stuck with the same school longer than two years, a pattern which’ll probably bear out in 2008. (My choice; I suck.) I don’t want to sink in the time if my credentials stay here after I’m gone.

Thanks a mil, on both counts.

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  1. Probably not available anymore, but I just pulled one off my shelf to take to a course. “Cartesian Cartoons” published in 1988 (before ALL my students were born…) by Mystery Media. Most of the directions are at least 50 steps and most make something a little bit cutesy: apples, guitars, rockets, LOT of animals. Hope you find something!

  2. Thanks a mil for that. Only $10 off Amazon, which qualifies as a steal. Outta curiosity, while I wait by my mailbox, does it include graphs in all quadrants? It said “for beginners” which sounds like first quadrant only.

  3. Another option is to have students create their own drawing, then have them write out the instructions (think of the supply you’d have!). Some of them probably wouldn’t work out, but I think that might lead to some valuable learning/discussions too. Also, they might learn the importance of self-editing (my students don’t seem to think of doing this on a math problem).

  4. Yeah, super idea there, Jackie. Such a good idea. I’m really bummed I hadn’t thought of it already – kinda missed a good assignment there the last coupla years – but better now than ten years in.

  5. The Cartoon book does include graphs in all four quadrants. I also have one that is called Graphing Fun (yellow book with a frog on it), but I can’t seem to locate either one of these books at the moment – hopefully they turn up soon.

  6. I couldn’t find the holiday version anywhere on the internet. Email me mid August and I’ll send you a copy if you want one and can’t find it.

  7. Thanks for the offer, Nancy. I remember the holiday-themed cartoons at my last school where it was always pretty obvious what the result would be, but at least the kids could self-check. I may be in touch in August.