This is not that.

This is not the post where I say, man, sorry, wish I’d been blogging more.

I’ve come to that verge several times this last week, a week which has seem me utterly crunched on the other job front, but every time, I’ve recalled how annoying I find that post on other blogs and how contradictory it is to the spirit of my blogging.

I try not to feel like I owe anything to a readership.
I try not to regret any downturn in Technorati ranking or subscriber base.
I try not to prize quantity at the expense of quality.

Rather, I maintain a fairly prolific output because blogging – or more specifically, journaling, on- or offline – is some of the purest fun I know. Reflecting on what’s gone wrong and what’s gone right – whether that’s in print or digital or outmoded speech – keeps me going.

Problem is: blogging has integrated itself so concretely into my personal learning environmentHa ha. Just messin’ with the School 2.0 crowd. that when I take a few days off to handle what needs handling, I literally feel like I’ve slowed down, that as a person, I am less.Essentially, the response I need here isn’t, “Hey, man, everyone gets busy. Go take care of things. We’ll be here when you get back.” ¶ It’s, “Listen, man, this personal renaissance you’re enjoying is cool, but most of your conclusions are false and without us, your commenters, to set you straight, you’ll stay wrong. So get back to blogging.”

Weird. And frustrating. And in the meantime, the post ideas, sentence fragments, and the spare body paragraph pile up in draft.

Here, for no good reason, is a complete listing of my WordPress draft folder. Consider it a behind-the-scenes glance at the ‘net’s most widely-read education blog(published out of the San Lorenzo Valley):

  • Pour One Out
  • Information Design 101
  • what i had for lunch
  • fake or legit
  • comment preview
  • What To Call Your Presentation
  • Classroom Management For Men
  • The Pretty Circle, part two
  • Domain Issues
  • dy/dan confidential
  • vol. 3
  • “You hate me.”
  • Grosse Pointe Class Management
  • If anyone wants to make Did you Know 3.0
  • Teaching’s Five Act Play
  • VizThink 08
  • Seth Godin v. Edward Tufte
  • Bright Eyes & Feist
  • Geometry Snapshot
  • This Cute Thing I Do
  • Information Design 1
  • “When I talk you listen.”
  • stickies commercial
  • McNulty on Teaching
  • This can help or hurt.
  • Why do we do this?
  • Posts I Don’t Have The Stones to Write
  • dy/dannies
  • math and gwr
  • % edu feeds #177 on scott
  • Guest Blogger: Classroom Management Philosophy
  • Guest Blogger: Sucking Air
  • Guest Blogger: Hawkins
  • Guest Blogger: Back-2-Skool
  • Guest Blogger: Sirens in the Distance
  • Guest Blogger: Shark Bait
  • Guest Blogger
  • The Meme Killah!
  • Summer Recap (How’d We Do?)
  • Letting CineMe Lapse
  • From Scratch
  • Ha ha ha.
  • Geometry Course Syllabus
  • School 2.0 Skeptics Wiki
  • Design for Educators: Image Heavy Slideshows
  • Your Friend’s Dress Code
  • How Do You Answer The Question?
  • I Can’t Remember My Students
  • Blown Projector
  • Thank you, teaching.
  • the oratorical slice
  • Ze Frank
  • Personal History
  • How I Work: The Games Entry
  • Why Prez is a bad teacher
  • Sports on Teaching:
  • How I Work: The Keep It Sane Kit
  • How I Work: The Non-Essentials Kit
  • For Next Year

All of that to say, my silence here hasn’t been for lack of something to say.

All of that to say, it’s gonna be a great fall.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.


  1. Okay, I’ll bite because I’ve thought about commenting here about a million times about how much I enjoy your blog and how I’ve been inspired to blog with my kids…blah, blah, blah.

    “Listen, man, this personal renaissance you’re enjoying is cool, but most of your conclusions are false and without us, your commenters, to set you straight, you’ll stay wrong. So get back to blogging.”

    Feel better now? I do personally feel that your posts are worth waiting for, and if voting is required, I’d like to see McNulty on teaching. I assume it doesn’t involve prodigious amounts of drinking.

  2. It surely is the most widely read edublog in the greater SLV area! :)

    Saw you at the blood born pathogen training but didn’t introduce myself — too grumpy from having to be there.

  3. Jennifer, that’s just the kick I needed. Thanks.

    Liza Lee, oh mercy. I’m afraid I’ve never looked more cross in my life. Sprinted out the door. Some other, better time, I hope.

  4. this is a compliment: you a b-tch!

    you ask, how?

    your post is the best post i’ve read, but you be a ‘b’ b/c driving home tonight from teaching an SAT prep course (thrilling!), I called my wife and asked, ‘hey, do you think I could post all the titles of posts that I have yet to post and then let them exist as their own post?’.

    ‘yes’ she says and yes, yes (wait…).

    anyhow, here I am now, at home, on your blog, and now I am crippled, hobbled, cut-off, de-blogged.

    my post, if ever posted, would be a copycat, a CW sitcom compared to the aesthetic, literary, and first-postiness of your entry this evening.

    you’re ‘that’ guy.

    and I’m…

  5. … scooped.

    Weird part is your wife called me up and told me you wanted me to take your idea. Crazy miscommunication, Ken. I’ll be sure to throw a link to yours if/when you put it up, though. Seems only fair.