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  1. So does this mean you’ll be awake until 3am working on the presentation every night until the deadline? Does this mean another repeat of the nights you spent awake working on the summer camp video?

    Messing with you, good work! Have a good time with it.


  2. Ha ha. Presentation’s tonight and I haven’t touched Keynote yet. So, uh, the answer to both your questions is “no.”

  3. It went well. I cribbed from Did You Know 2.0 liberally. The school board seemed intrigued. Had some trouble with an old codger in attendance who went all slap-happy with Bloom’s Taxonomy, though, telling me that face-to-face interaction is at the top of the pyramid and Internet use is at the bottom.

    My response was a cross between a stupefied stare and “I wasn’t aware that Bloom’s Taxonomy applied to Internet use.”

    “Well it was written a long time ago.”

    Man … what you true believers must put up with.

  4. Bloom was clearly a man ahead of his time, an Al Gore of taxonomists, knowing to put internet use way down there at the bottom.

    I’ve seen a lot of school face to face interaction that doesn’t even make it into a taxonomy of anything related to learning or teaching, I’m afraid.

  5. What I appreciate most are discussion forums. The opportunity to write asynchronously is a huge benefit. It’s not to replace face-to-face interaction but is a huge additional supplement. The fact that students can take their time to compose a thoughtful message and have the technology available to easily organize and publish these interactive posts is invaluable.

    I don’t know what the “old codger” was getting at but I feel I continually run into people who challenge things like Moodle as if it exists to replace something wholesale. It ain’t an either/or situation. Just because I buy a portable music player doesn’t mean I stop going to live shows.