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  1. I guess I just assumed you would proceed directly to the Dy/Dan blogosphere summer school. 1st period: Design for Educators, 2nd period: Information Technology 101, 3rd period…

  2. “Largest” might be overstating things, I’m realizing. Feeling really post-partum right now, though.

    W/r/t your comment, though, what … uh … what does the edublogsphere do over break?

  3. Honestly… we catch up on planning and on reading all the things — on and off-line — that we don’t read during the year, and we post nice long posts that we would NEVER have the time to write during the school year. :)

    And we take at least away from the blog. :)

  4. Great question. Not that I’m a member of the blogsphere (yet) :) For the first time in three years I will not be taking classes this summer. My student teaching ended two weeks ago, as did my last class. I’m already getting antsy. At my current rate, by the time the summer is over, I will have planned every lesson for my 3 preps next year, tossed them, and redesigned them. Argh.

    I like Tony’s idea – that would keep my busy! When do the sessions begin?

  5. I can honestly say that I have bookmarked over 100 web pages (yes, many blogs but other stuff too) that are sitting around just begging to be read. You already know about my annual summer camps, that’ll take up four weeks of the next ten. Back to the bookmarking thing, I have 14 first-level folders, most of which have at least three or four second-level folders within them. Not that I’m some paradigm of perfect organization, but if I don’t put them in the right place I’ll never find ’em again!

    I’ll put in a very small plug for
    , if you a) use Firefox and b) like to sync your bookmarks between two machines (or more).

  6. With projects, projects, and more projects waiting around, summer is the only time to even think about touching the tip of that iceberg. A part of me is anxious to do this all over again, for sake of doing a better job and putting a bunch of ideas to the test, but I also am really looking forward to time to spend on the other parts of my life that are not related to my job. C’mon, paperclips aren’t your only hobby, right?

    The end of a year can’t be anticlimactic because it’s not really the end. It’s all a cycle.

  7. Chris, looks like you blanked on exactly how long of a summer sabbatical you take from blogging, which naturally makes me more curious.

    Jackie, ‘fraid my summer blogging’s gonna consist mostly of “hey, everyone, guess how many days it’s been since I last thought about teaching?!” Maybe you oughtta hop onto the ‘sphere and pick up my slack, huh?

    Thanks, Rich and Marco, for the tech tips. I’ve been using Google Notebook to manage all my summer reading links but that’s been getting out of control.

    Todd, paperclips are more of a regrettable one-time mistress than a hobby. I’ve got plenty to occupy my off-time, a summer job editing video primarily plus a lot of side stuff like you.

    And every year does seem like a bit of a letdown, if only, like you point out, because it’s all gonna start again in a couple of months. But this year, a year when I tripled my workload more or less on accident and then enjoyed it too much to kick the habit, is going to feel like a kick to the gut when it ends. I’ve got a full USB drive to show for my effort. That’s it.

  8. Seriously, listen to Chris and take a break. It’s like my golf “game.” When I take a month or two off, I play better, for some reason. Get away and get some perspective. Read a fiction book or at least something that you don’t have to plug in. Take a nap or two. And, my absolute favorite–get lost. Leave town with as little as you can and don’t keep in touch. I’ve got a tent, sleeping bag, fishing gear, and a few books ready. I’m through on the 13th, and I’ve told the family to expect to lose me for a few days. Heck, I’m not even sure where I’ll go. Of course, the pitiful thing is that I’m already excited about the potential blog posts that will come after the trip. :(

  9. Sounds like the bimonthly trip I take whenever the collection agency comes a-calling.

    Haw haw but seriously …

    If all the teacher bloggers I read, whether or not they read me or read this comment thread, would post something formal and explicit about their summer plans, I’d be real appreciative. I’m already real curious.