Teacher Appreciation Week 2007

I’m only planning 90 minutes of my 110-minute periods this week.  I figure I’ve gotta allot at least 20 minutes per period per day for accepting, sorting, and storing all the gifts my kids are gonna bring me this week.  Kind of a hassle, really.

(I appreciate you guys.)

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  1. It’s a burden that we teachers have to suffer through. Thanks for the reminder though. I do try to have my own children be appreciative of their teachers during this week (extra appreciative!). :)

  2. It’s weird. My last school it was kind of a big deal. A pastry brunch. An e-mail to the staff. Not exactly a cure for May malaise but still a nice puff of air in the sails.

    I printed out some lined half-sheets and told my kids to write something nice to a teacher they’ve enjoyed which I then sent through district mail to the elementary and middle schools. I mean, damn, it’s like budget money. Someone’s gotta do something with the day or they’ll give it to the mail carriers.