Sprrrriiiiing Break!

Are we all here? Did everyone make it!?

To Do List: Spring Break Edition

  1. Hang out with super-tight long-distance gf.
  2. Post Geometry lessons. I’m not even close to current right now.
  3. Figure out this dumb .htaccess thing so I can convert my existing feeds to Feedburner.
  4. Finish taxes.
  5. Install Moodle.
  6. Play around with Moodle.
  7. Get depressed about Moodle’s learning curve.
  8. Grade some.
  9. Plan some.
  10. Mount a convincing case (here) for increasing your rap intake.
  11. Catch up on flagged feeds in Google Reader.
  12. Watch Grindhouse.
  13. Lie to friends and family about the movie I just saw.

Naturally, only the top few’ll maybe get done. But such is the nature of spring break.

Overplan. Underdo.

What’s your list?

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  1. I’d say that #1 and #4 should be your highest, and quite possibly only, priorities (and definitely in that order). I doubt that Uncle Sam would be quite as fun to hang out super tight with. I had included your #8 on my own spring break list a month ago, and guess what Sunday night found me finally doing it?!!!

  2. Here’s a vote that you move item #10 further up on your list. Not about #1 or #4, of course. But you could at least interchange #7 and #10 without harm, no?

  3. Hey, forget the .htaccess thing.

    Use Ordered List’s Feedburner replacement plugin…


    As for Moodle, it’s not a big deal, I’ve been using it for about a year now. My only suggestion is you set up courses as Social, since it looks nicer that way.

    Look me up on Skype if you run into trouble, just punch the email address in, grab it from the admin side.

    Chris Craft

  4. My break’s not til the week after this one, but here’s my list:

    1. Make plane reservations from NYC to Edinburgh
    2. Make sense of Scottish transportation network
    3. Read. A lot.
    4. Write. A lot.
    5. Maybe a Mets game?
    6. Get paperwork organized, once and for all.
    7. Sleep.

  5. What’s wrong with your present feed? What do you want to do that Feedburner will allow you to do? (I use WP but have no idea what htaccess is).

    My spring break has ended without really even beginning (classes start for me April 9th). I toyed with the idea of writing a “planned” list vs “what-actually-happened” list, but it was just too embarrassing :-(

  6. Hey, Chris, my impression with the WP plug-in is that it only does the trick for WP’s primary feeds, rss1 and rss2. I’ve got some special feeds running out of here (my lessons feed) that I didn’t think it could handle. You know otherwise?

    Marco, Feedburner gives oodles of stats for your feeds whereas WP doesn’t do much and for a stat junkie / raging narcissist like myself, that’s worth dabbling in some scary terms like .htaccess.

    Jeff, your spring break wins.