Show and Tell

the photo sets:

  • 25 photos taken at exactly the right moment, a set which is exactly what you think it is.
  • Running From Camera, a German dude who sets his camera to a two-second timer and then sprints. If you’re gonna do any sort of long-term photo project, his set demonstrates the efficacy of a reference point. The dude’s blurry backside pins each photo down and lets your eyes wander off from there.
  • Washington, D.C., on $85 a day, a set which probably isn’t what you think it is. [Related reading: souvenirs.]

the video clips:

  • The Morning After, an awesome historical document, not of the actual (blasé) aftermath of Y2K, but of the worst-case scenarios we were all running through our heads on 31 December 1999.
  • 721 claps per minute, offering the quick, back-of-the-gum-wrapper calculation, how many claps is that per second?

for your consideration:

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