Show and Tell: The New Bravia Advert

The final entry in the Bravia trilogy. Stop-motion plasticene bunnies take over Manhattan. (Man. Has anyone released a viral short in the last two months without stop-motion support? Seriously.) ¶ Awesome, if only ’cause I maintain a serious soft spot for rabbits, even if the whole thing is kinda overstuffed. (The bunnies turn into a wave which turns into a larger bunny which turns into … a bunch of color cubes. Um. Okay.) ¶ The other Bravia entries are well worth the zero dollars you’ll pay to watch them and the behind-the-scenes is good supplementary viewing. ¶ P.S. Anyone who knows what track is underlying the bunnies ad the behind-the-scenes gets a dollar. I’m sure it ain’t “Sæglópur,” so don’t try that one. [via everybody]

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  1. Hey, don’t ever quit the show and tell posts. And thanks for linking the actual url for the videos, since I can take those and zamzar them since youtube is blocked.

    Nice job.

  2. This commercial is exceptional, Bravia has a wonderfull set of commercials, each one beating up the previous.

    I can even say that this is not just an Ads, is a piece of art! :-)

    I even enjoyed the watching the behind the scenes, how can they do magic like this?!

  3. Dan,

    Thought you might like a recent video creation by Eames Demetrios (a ‘product’ of Ray and Charles Eames, who I am certain you know by design/film reputation…).

    A buddy of mine who heads Herman Miller’s “Ideation Studio” is close with Eames and keeps my brain wired into his ever-curious evolution. Think you’ll enjoy the elephant ride:


  4. No worries, my friend. Felt like it was cut from the same conceptual design cloth that your own brain matter is wrapped in. And as I said in an email to you earlier tonight, “Visual Sense-Maker” Consultant seems like it’s a must-do job-of-the-future waiting for you the moment you’re ready to jump the education fence.

    As for that ‘other thing’, you’ll have to ask my kiddo and wife about the “back to blogging” question. Right now, going to the duck pond as a family is winning hand-full-of-bread over fist-of-keyboard-ranting.

    Cheers from the quieter side of the School 2.0 expressway. I’ll toss a piece of bread into the pond for you next time the mallards are quacking!