Show and Tell: Day 10

Class show-and-tell:

Lunch-time show-and-tell
(more discriminating fare for the cultured kids who elect to spend their baloney-on-rye time with Mr. Meyer):

  • “Glósóli,” Sigur Rós. Gorgeous music video (the music and the video) from the same Icelandic group that rocked us last time. As a cheap enticement, I’m gonna spoil the best shot of the video right here. Right now. Unreal.
  • “Solo Impala,” The Fashion. This group came out of nowhere (though for TSA’s purposes they come from Denmark) dropping one of the best singles of 2007 and one of the strongest music videos to match.

    [via Ticklebooth]

Feedback on the worthwhile-ness of this feature is appreciated, as always.

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  1. First of all, I love:

    … that you write the tortoise off as an ottoman or some kind of footrest on first pass.

    … that the jaunty little guitar tune is performed live.

    … that after all that awesomeness, at the very end, the tennis ball rolls into the out-of-focus background.

    Nice moves.

    As for fake-or-legit, the soccer-ball-to-tv trick is almost certainly fake. Going frame-by-frame reveals a very odd bounce to that soccer ball.

    For more obvious reasons, the tennis-ball-throw is fake also.

    The rest, for my money, coulda been done.

    Check out Brylcreem’s funny, though uninformative, and oftentimes downright misleading behind-the-scenes featurette.

  2. Very nice finds.

    The behind-the-scenes-featurette/parody contains a great line for learners: ‘Effortlessness is born out [sic] of great effort.’ That certainly rings true for my EFL students, but applies similarly to everything from music to math to martial arts.

    The Sigur Ros vid was definitely moving. (SPOILER) I found myself first praying that they wouldn’t jump and not 2 seconds later being elated that they did.

    Incidentally, I share a lot of short videos with my students too. I’ll be sure to send along any that might work in your show and tell sessions.

    Thanks, as always, for the tips.