Second Day

  1. On the up side, economies of scale have kicked in pretty fast teaching three sections of Algebra versus two. Energy seems an even trade – 50% more classes depletes me an extra 50% – but it costs me nothing to run my slidedecks again or to print out an extra 25 handouts. That’s nice.
  2. On the down side, the fact that I’m here at this dumb coffee shop and have been every day so far, makes me feel like I violated the terms of a contract I made with myself last year.
  3. Even farther down the side, I can’t seem to plan an hour to save my life. Which is to say, I’ve underplanned every day this week, which would be inexcusable if not for the fact that …
  4. … I’m staying a day or two ahead of myself this year (big assist from slides I made last year). I just click past the next day’s opener, pick up with the next notes, and no one’s the wiser except you, me, and the Internet here.
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  1. Hang in there. Every year is different and it is always an adjustment the first few days.

    We’ve switched from 7 periods to 8, and I feel like I’ve lost my bearings, just with that extra class period, and I’m not even in the classroom.

    Today I didn’t manage to save a lunch period for myself, for example!

    Anyway, some years it takes a bit to get our bearings. I think it’s important(and I plan to do this in the next few days) to slow down and regain your bearings and re-set your intentions, so that things aren’t running you, but you feel like you have some structure for yourself.

    Hope that makes some sense, as I am tired! Long day…

  2. Change is uncomfortable. Someone told me that once.

    Consider this:

    I have been a classroom teacher for a dozen years and now I am working as a full-time instructional specialist.

    I had “my own classroom”, like Andy Dufresne’s ‘one-room Hilton’ in Shawshank, and now I am homeless.

    I am Wanderer2.0.

    So, take deep, cleansing breaths and maybe read something by Willa Cather.

    And besides, not many people can claim to be 2 days ahead of themselves. You’re in Jonathan Edwards territory.