Science Owes Me A Beer

What with this and Sharkrunners, I’m kinda wishing right now I taught some science.

This December the movie Sunshine releases on DVD. (Trailer here.) Maybe you’ve heard of it: a multi-culti band of scientists rushes a Manhattan-sized nuke into space to jumpstart a dying sun. Lots of compelling could-this-really-happen discussion points.

One scene in particular has several crew members stripping insulation from the interior of another vessel, whatever loose siding they can find, wrapping it around themselves, and then pushing off into freaking space towards their original vessel.

You show that clip to your class, first, you get a guaranteed ga-wha as their minds are collectively, totally freaking blown.

Then you get to discuss it with them. Is it possible to survive space without a suit?

Then you get to drop the straight facts on them because, you, discriminating, fully-RSS-enabled teacher that you are, subscribe to Slate’s RSS feed and, particularly, its never-less-than-completely-engrossing Explainer column which explains the real-world feasibility of that interstellar stunt.

Or have your kids research the explanation themselves and see how many stumble onto Slate themselves. Have it your way. Just know that Hollywood and Slate via dy/dan (who is, until further notice, still about the love) have set you up with a fun twenty minutes sometime in December.

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