Not To Dredge This Back Up

… but I laughed so hard at the first three paragraphs of Todd Levin’s TV: How Novel, I think I dislocated my shoulder again. Here’s the first:

I don’t own a television, and I never have. That’s not some fact I wave around, like a flag of self-righteousness. And if you own a television–and most people do–I don’t think that necessarily makes you stupid or lazy, or both. In fact, I praise your exercise of free will. I mean, if that’s how you imagined your life playing out, staring unblinkingly, the TV screen illuminating the grim lines of your expression, as you are lulled into a kind of corporate-mediated complacency while your dreams slowly calcify and die somewhere between the cushions of your couch, then good for you! I totally respect your choice; it’s just not the choice I’ve made. Because I don’t own a television. And I never have.

I think I made a friend today.

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