New Link: Dave Marain

I keep my blogroll slender. I have plenty more bloggers tucked into my feedreader but at this point there are only six I know I could recommend to a teacher stuck in quicksand then walk away with a smirk and the knowledge that they’d be alright.

The most recent is Dave Marain and his Math Notations. Dude’s experienced yet vital, provocative and eloquent. He’s fresh to the scene and his posts have flipped from open letters to graybeards like John Derbyshire to what I hope will be an ongoing series of math warmups. He hasn’t pinned himself down yet, which is great. If you’re stuck in quicksand, this is your guy.

I'm Dan and this is my blog. I'm a former high school math teacher and current head of teaching at Desmos. He / him. More here.

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  1. Dan,
    I already expressed my comments about your wonderful blog and my gratitude to you in your About section (I probably put it in the wrong place!) and added a post this AM to my blog as well. You are now on my blogroll and will remain there! I admire your courage, energy and intelligence. Whether you wiki or not, your students are very lucky indeed. I will try to keep those daily math warmups going but I suspect that the number of visitors will be inversely proportional to the number of technical math posts!!

    Keep on keeping on.
    Dave Marain