It’d be easier to ignore this meme if I hadn’t been nailed in the head and if I weren’t (for reasons soon apparent) in dire need of something momentarily mindless.

It’s the “One Random Thing” meme. You tell one random thing about yourself and then tag one other person.

I’ve got a red circle sitting on my calendar two weeks out. Yeah, yeah, school starts then but that isn’t it. At my own risk, I haven’t given school even a corner of head space yet. I can’t.

That date is the staff banquet for the summer camp I’m working, where I’ve worked for the last six summers, which probably oughtta be my last end-of-summer banquet, and I’m making a slideshow which dominates even my non-waking hours.

Taking mercy on my readership, I’ll keep details spare but this is by far my most involved project (ever) and, after spending eighteen hours in Photoshop this weekend and loving every tedious second, I can only concede:

  1. I’m a lucky sonuvagun.

I have two jobs I love, jobs which double as hobbies, jobs which intersect more often than they should, at which times my brain gets very, very happy.

I have zero jobs I hate.

If the day had 28 hours, I’d spend the extra four working.

If someday you come by to find my door shuttered and a sign banged into the ground reading “shop’s closed,” guaranteed I gave up one great job for the sake of the other.

Which I’ve gotta get back to now.

Tagging TMAO, who’s gone off the grid recently.

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