Letting CineMe Lapse

Every week for three years I’d watch a movie in theaters and then post a few hundred words on it to a website, my first home on the Internet, CineMe. Initially I was looking for access to the Online Film Critic Society and all the free tickets, free screeners, and derisive laughter entitled to its membership.

Eventually I saddled up with a different group of online film enthusiasts, kept watching, kept writing about some really good movies and some really awful ones.

It got me writing regularly, an essential precursor to writing well. It made me a better storyteller. The effect of all that research and peer-review has insinuated itself into my teaching in some very weird, very cool ways.

Anyway, since starting teaching, since leaving college, I’ve gone from a movie a week to a few a month to very few at all. I don’t review movies. I blog about teaching. The site comes up for renewal this week and I’m cutting her loose.

It’d be easy for me to get nostalgic here, to feel like I’m putting a knife to a fixture of my college years, fall afternoons spent pulling cheap tickets to UC Davis screenings, dodging a class or two in favor of a matinée downtown (by myself, by design), hitting the Mill Valley Film Festival with Michael K., getting positively wrecked by 25th Hour, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, et cetera.

It’d be easy to feel that way but I’m trying not to. Every interval of my life has been hard. Every interval has been great. I find that the more I indulge nostalgia, the more I romanticize what once was, the more cowardly I become making decisions about what could be.

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  1. “I’ve gone from a movie a week to a few a month to very few at all.”

    And…no kids, yet. Then, a movie a year…OnDemand!

    But here’s the kick in the diaper: Your life will become a movie, replete with Ephron, Scorsese, and Bruckheimer moments.

    The end of every day will allow you to wax nostaligic quite a bit.

  2. If you lived in the Phoenix area I’d tell you to check out http://www.reeltruth.com They send out an email every now and then with printable (free) tickets to screenings of movies that haven’t been released yet. I guess it’s just a way to get some word of mouth advertising for the movies. I’ve went to a couple with their tickets. It’s always fun to be able to say “Yeah, I saw that last week” during a conversation about movies that haven’t been released yet. The getting patted down and searched for a video camera before you go in to the movie gets old though.