ID115: Pie Charts – Movie Posters

Similar to ID111 but with movie posters. Somewhere in between these two we practiced measuring and drawing angles.

I stressed that I wanted their reaction to the poster itself and not to the movie, which some students doubtlessly hadn’t seen.

I included two of my favorite one sheets. Reactions came back mixed and I lamented silently how NCLB has looted artistic appreciation in our nation’s public school for corporate fun and profit.

Fun questions to ask (again):

  1. Who loved the most one sheets?
  2. Who hated the most one sheets?
  3. Whose one sheet was the most hated?
  4. Whose one sheet was the most liked?

One Sheet Analysis Template (student carries this from desk to desk)
Personal Pie Graph Template (student makes her personal pie graph on this)
One Sheet Analysis Template II (this stays with each one sheet for students to mark)
One Sheet Class Analysis Template (this follows the one sheet from class to class)
The One Sheets We Used (formatting is left as an exercise for the reader)
Student Protractors (print ’em out on overhead transparency)

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  1. I love the “…left as an exercise to the reader” bit (which is better than proof is left as an exercise, IMHO). However, the link for “The One Sheets We Used” is pointing toward the file.

    Thanks. Hope you’re enjoying MN.