ID101: Subjective Stacked Bars

or: The Pretty Circle, part two


A pre-algebra class will learn how to design information in stacked bar graphs and pie charts, converting between the two with proportions.

Ten minutes ago:

We had just finished talking about Miss South Carolina, the pretty circle, and all the other circles.

Subjective Stacked Bars:

I asked them to pick the four circles with which they identified most and balance out a stacked bar graph. Both here and with my Graphing Stories lesson I tried to build as much as possible upon their natural intuition for what is right and fair. If you feel like you’re twice as funny as you are smart, then double the funny bar.

This was a very successful introduction to stacked bar graphs and a good follow-up to the pretty circle sermon.

Exclamation often heard:

There isn’t enough room.

I’ll let you take that one from there.

Stacked Bar Template I

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