How do I use EMBED?

That last video didn’t make it to the RSS feed. Anyone know – top of the head – the magic HTML codewords to get embedded video to, well, embed?

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  1. You must have resolved it, because I’m seeing the entire video embedded in my RSS reader (Feed Reader), fyi. Awesome job! I can only wonder how many hours that took to produce.

  2. Very few RSS readers will actually display embedded Flash files, which includes videos embedded from sites such as YouTube, Virb, etc. The best you can do is, within the post, notify readers of the RSS feed to click through to the blog in order to see the embedded video.

  3. Dan, if you run your feed through Feedburner, then it should embed just fine…at least for the people who subscribe to that feed and not your native wordpress feed. Hope that makes sense. Drop me a line if you need to know more.