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  1. I love doing stuff like that. Do you know of an extractor that will work on Windows? I used to use a VCR and a program I had to do that, but nothing is out on VHS anymore, and my VCR is broken anyway. Ever since I switched fully to DVDs I haven’t been able to extract anything.

  2. You wouldn’t happen to know Windows equivalents off-hand would you (am googling away right now)? I was very clumsily trying to pause a DVD in the right place just last week wishing I knew how to rip the clip I needed.

    By the way I completely sympathize with these ongoing conversations about workload. I am in my second year with full time powerpoint in the classroom and quality is improving, but the amount of time I’m spending is way too much. Some ability to re-use and benefits from the learning curve, but nothing huge yet.

  3. Excellent, many thanks! BTW, have been a regular reader from early days of a referral on Chris Lehman’s blog and have learned much along the way.