Geometry – Week 3 – 2007

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  1. triangles, quadrilaterals, isosceles, equilateral, scalene, circles, chords, tangents, secants
  2. word problems, math games, basketball
  3. free powerpoint geometry lesson plans


  1. Moving swiftly along, trying to prevent this from becoming yet another time suck.


  1. Keynote
  2. PowerPoint (which has no one to blame but itself)
  3. PDF
  4. Interactive QuickTime


  1. 274 mi. 6h 48 m. Follow up question: can you do it in one tank.

  2. If you started driving South from Santa Cruz and kept going the length around Hawaii, how far would you get?

  3. I post two photos a week on our little Moodle install and ask my students to submit five sentences on five concepts we discussed during the week.

  4. Have them fold their notepaper into sixths.

  5. Last year didn’t care about the sequencing. Parallelogram is a trapezoid on crack. A rhombus is a kite on steroids. Rhombus + Rectangle = Square. What do you notice about these three?

  6. The point being that it doesn’t matter what it LOOKS like. Only what it’s marked up as.

  7. What is this?

  8. Draw and define.

  9. Discuss different ways to write major and minor arcs. Note: we did a LOT of discussion here. I put up letters over every intersection and asked them to name the arcs, point to them, etc.

  1. heart disease

  2. Tell ‘em you can assume that A is the center.

  3. Might ask here what you call a circle that is both concentric and congruent. Laugh at them after they sweat the answer.

  4. Which words here are unfamiliar.
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