Geometry – Week 2 – 2007

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  1. pool table problems, angle measurement, angle definitions
  2. polygon definitions, coordinate geometry
  3. free powerpoint geometry lesson plans


  1. The pool table animations took, like, two hours to build last year. This year they took zero.
  2. Went to a welcome-home party for a friend instead.
  3. I’m quite okay with that, thank you.


  1. Keynote (which four out of five doctors prefer)
  2. PowerPoint
  3. PDF
  4. Interactive QuickTime


  1. $35. Origin story here.

  2. Last week we handled problems like these where we GAVE you the incoming path and asked you for the outgoing path. It changes today.

  3. Ask them which diamond do they aim for in order to hit it? Take several guesses. Have them come up and make a mark.

  4. Alright, we’re gonna define eight terms. Show how we can write m(angle)B = 90° and AB (perp symbol) BC

  5. Talk briefly about parallel lines here and how to write ‘em.

  6. Notice it’s LINEar angles. Gotta be a line in there.

  7. So outta curiosity if this whole angle is 54°, how big is this one? How do you write stuff here?

  1. $528,783,552,000 (I did a coy little unveiling here, first writing $528 and then, as they freaked out, writing the next three digits and so on.) Backstory here. ¶ Underline must, never, and every in the first three. Ask ‘em how many examples it takes to prove must, never, and every wrong. (hint: one)

  2. book definition: “a closed figure in a plane, formed by connecting line segments, where each segment intersects exactly two others.” ¶ Have them build their own but get it close. They really enjoy building their own definitions.

  3. corresponding sides AND angles are congruent
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