Geometry – Day 63 – Introduction to Surface Area

Come for:

  1. Surface area of basic solids.

Stay for:

  1. Day one of Phobia Week!
  2. Unattributed Flickr photos. (*ulp*)


  1. None


Slide Deck

  1. Fear of Russians, wealth, enclosed spaces, dentists, and the number 8.
  2. Extend homework.
  3. Ask them what shapes they see in these photographs.
  4. Toss on some 3D meshes here next year.
  5. You’ve got to break the solids down into flat shapes that you can manage. Here it’s just rectangles.
  6. It’d be a good plan to use a cardboard, real-life cutout here. Unfold the rectangle.
  7. What kind of shapes?
  8. I’m not going to spend a lot of time deriving this one.

Notes & Revisions:

  1. Add cute meshes next year.
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