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  1. Questions:
    1. Who takes these pictures??? Seriously.
    2. What are you reading?
    3. Does your school have a dress code? Like the kicks, though.
    4. What is kept in those locked storage bays? (odd number configuration)
    5. Where does one go about getting a T.A.? I have a lot of paper.

  2. 1. Giuseppe, my other, less photogenic T.A.
    2. Entertainment Weekly.
    3. Kind of. I mean, yes. Shorts aren’t uncommon. I stay safely in the middle. Hipster casual.
    4. Bodies.
    5. I’ll loan you Giuseppe. Just return him like you found him.

  3. Katie looks like she’s working diligently, but my T.A. can out program your T.A. any day. Seriously, how cool is it that he’s writing a program at this moment, on a day off so my students have an endless supply of questions on which to practice?

    Also, my T.A., gives me design feedback on my worksheets. Heavy sigh, not that I don’t need the feedback. I think his RSS feed has some of the same sites as does yours.

    Horray for great T.A.’s! Do you get yours gifts on their birthdays? Somehow, that topic was never covered in my ed courses.

    As for #4 above, are those the ones that don’t do well the second or third time a topic comes up on an assessment?