Dunk Contest

So you’re standing at the side of the gym chatting with one of the counselors during the winter sports rally when you hear, first slowly and then building, “Mr. Meyer! Mr. Meyer! Mr. Meyer!” ¶ Can anyone put a percentage on the number of times this ends well?

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  1. All I can guess is that the percentage is significantly higher than if I heard “Mr. Magee! Mr. Magee!” in my school’s gym. And as long as there was no worker’s comp. case to file afterward, it’s all good.

    Now, I do play in the annual faculty vs. student volleyball games, but an advantage of being a middle school teacher is that I still have a good bit of height advantage over our middle school girls, so I can usually spike just enough.

  2. I blew out my ACL the day before Christmas break and a week after my first son was born in the teacher/student basketball game.

    That was after surviving football from 7th grade through college with no knee injuries.

    Strange how these things work.


  3. Yeah, I hate it when things like that happen. If you do well, it’s no big deal and blows over quickly. If you suck it up, you’ll never hear the end of it.

    I got the third best staff time during the Turkey Trot (beat several of my students’ times, despite being twice their age) and no one said a word about it after Thanksgiving. If I’d pulled a terrible time, students would still be making jokes in June.

    But what are you going to do? Not engage in whatever challenge it is? C’mon, that’s not even an option.

  4. I’m sure there was some kid there who recorded it on their cellphone. Can’t you get a copy to share with us? Hmm….wonder if it is on You Tube yet.