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  1. That’s to help you with Algebra II standard 18.0, right? Really, that’s waaaaay too hardcore for me. That’s the first half of the equation on the chalkboard in all those movies where the main character first walks into a college classroom, so that the audience feels the heavy intimidation of Harvard or something. Yikes!

  2. Yeah, I realize the equation looks all hardcore, right, but it’s just a mathematical practical joke. Like, if you graph y = 2x on a graphing calculator, it’s a straight line. But what if you punched in y = 2x and it spelled out y = 2x right there on the screen?! ‘Cause that’s what that scamp Tupper came up with: a function that “spells” itself out when graphed.

    You’re underwhelmed, I can tell.

  3. Nnnnnnnow I get it! Well then it would be really cool if that actually was the equation on the chalkboard in all those movies.

  4. that function when graphed spells itself out; the value of n in the expression is beyond my comprehension (200 decimal places? digits?)!
    what i did with my class however was to show them the pizza problem:
    Express the volume of a thin cylindrical pizza with radius z and height ‘a’: V = pi zz a!! The thought that was ‘way cool!’