Carnival Numero 109

The carnival is over at la casa de Science Goddess. ¶ Dig the Tips for New Teachers by Right Wing Prof. I find nothing quite as altruistic as a veteran teacher helping a noob through those wobbly early years. It’s a strong list, though I find the frequent cynicism towards teacher education dispiriting. (So, seriously, everyone’s program pushed sappy social justice and hand-holding cultural sensitivity in lieu of methodology? Really? Without my own program, I wouldn’t be an eighth the teacher I am now. Let’s talk about this sometime.) ¶ Mr. Chips brings a triple feature of Educator’s Educators Gone Wild and then offers “the job gets to some people” as a rationale for all the educator-related debauchery in his area. Seems too cheap, esp. when so many teachers manage the load without (e.g.) dealing crystal meth but, to be fair, this is only my third year. Give me a couple more of this and I’ll be staring back at you from a post office wall.  ¶ [Update: Liz busted my chops for excessive apostrophizing.]

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  1. Yeah, his example of the “Maoist”/collectivist after-school private preschool is a huge strawman, and more than a little regrettable, but he has some good points. And there are times when I think “superior firepower” might help me get some “peace” when I’m on cafeteria duty.

  2. Also, unless my browser really hates me, he hasn’t allowed my comment pointing out his strawmen to post. Hmmm.