Candy Blows My Mind

I have no idea wtf business any of this design nonsense has anywhere in my life. I know the pursuit makes my math classes just a little clearer to kids unused to clear math. But I don’t know how to make my kids (or my readership) excited about design like I am.

To the point, I don’t know why Candy Collective’s freebie design periodical just thrills me. As a math teacher, I have a serious aversion to the incalculable. The sensation crawling across my entire body as I process:

  1. someone’s unique perspective on something familiar to me,
  2. her unique ability to describe that perspective in
  3. an artistic medium I’ll never touch,

is therefore equal parts exhilarating and really really frustrating.

The first hit of this crack is free. So are the second and third and four hundredth. The harmful effects are minimal. But if you’ve never taken that first hit, I can’t possibly describe the addiction.

Here’s a taste of the second issue. Oliver Jeffers trying to make art and science play nice, in the process sweating bullets and bleeding out bloody brilliant stuff like this piece here:


  1. Defasten uses special effects as a canvas to work out his/her personal philosophical issues.
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