Bye Bye

Off to Saint Cloud, MN, for turkey, cranberries, lutefisk, etc., with Gram-Gram, Pop-Pop, my twin sister, and maybe a coupla cousins.

In case any of y’all need a side of dy/dan with your Thanksgiving dinner (or in case any of y’all live outside the States and the fourth Thursday in November ain’t anything to interrupt life over) I’m setting six entries to auto-post over the next few days.

Those six represent some of my strongest lesson planning this year, a fun, challenging, satisfying set spinning around my obsession numero uno: information design.

Hope you enjoy ’em, try ’em out, and criticize often.

Stay safe out there.

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  1. I’m next door in west central WI… Alma Center, population 443… half of which are, literally, my family. Ninety people were inside my grandma’s house… lots of food, laughing and catching up. Hope that St. Cloud was nothing but thanksgiving goodness. Safe travels!

  2. Lutfisk? My favorite hate object at the Christmas table here in Finland (in Swedish, we drop the “e”)

    Slowly making progress, reading from the Archives – I’ll make it to more recent stuff at some point I hope. School starts here in seven days, won’t have too much time on reading then (Since I now have to chane all my presentations thansk to you, dammit :))