Bring Me Down

I made good today. I took until one a.m. last night to scaffold Algebra 1 and it was magnificent — the sort of lesson that goes from easy to load-bearingly difficult in perfectly incremental steps, the sort you know will make ignorance cower even before you teach it.

But still, one a.m.

So as promised over in cc#1 I woke up an hour earlier than usual and hit my coffee shop up for some leisure time before the sun was up. During an hour I’d have ordinarily spent sleeping, I read some, I blogged a bit on another forum, I e-mailed some friends who were getting just a little too used to my non-presence. Replying to Lori’s comment in cc#2 was the closest I came to anything work-related.

And I don’t know how to quantify all the variables that go into A Good Day, but from my first period straight through, you couldn’t have brought me down with a whale harpoon. I’m maybe crashing a bit right now but I know I’ve got to try all this again. Please categorize my recommendation of this schedule as: high.

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