Asilomar #8: The Future

Session Title

“Math 20-20 Vision: What Will K-8 Math Education Look Like in 2020”


Keith Devlin. Consulting Professor, Stanford. NPR’s “Math Guy.” Avid gamer.


A: World of Warcraft. (No, seriously.)

Presentation Notes

Numbing. PowerPoint. Font size dipped below 7pt, at some points, I swear. From moment to moment I had no idea where we’d been or where we were going. Not unrelatedly, I dozed off for several long stretches.


  • Dude is a big fan of World of Warcraft. Thought I’d mention that again.
  • Who collects royalties on that “20/20 vision” phrase? Karl?

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  1. I’ll split all the royalties I get with you.

    Oops, one flaw in that, I’m an “amateur” so I guess I don’t get paid . . . :-)

    BTW – you’re really making me think lately – I hate that.