Alpine Jacuzzi Party

or: Welcome to the Good Life

Last month, more than seventy people climbed Mount Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps, hoisting up a deconstructed Jacuzzi along with them. The pictures define ebullience better than the definition of ebullience does. If you’ve got a digital projector in your classroom, how are you not showing your kids stuff like this? Take a break from diagramming sentences, fire up all the pictures one after the other, and tell the story.

Here’s an English translation of the page, courtesy of the Google.

For us, the idea of a whirlpool is to hold a festive event, in places or situations unusual and exceptional. It is a leisure, conceived and organized by our own means and with the help of our friends. Indeed, to organize such an activity in the most insane, it is not enough to spend evenings calculations and construction, the most important thing is to have lots of friends.


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  1. the girl in the middle told me that I needed to shave my chest in order to “feel the arctic air envelop my thoracic cavity”.

    That smile is cold, frozen on my face, from a recent chest-shaving.

    Just wanted to share.

  2. That guy in the background – suicidal-looking one in the red parka, standing above that cliff – makes this picture. For every 15 party people and 2 bottles of Dom, there’s one despondent sherpa.