Algebra A – Week 3 – 2007

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  1. exponents
  2. information design, stacked bar graph
  3. free powerpoint algebra lesson plans


  1. Trying to prevent this from becoming another time suck. Moving swiftly along.


  1. Keynote
  2. PowerPoint (which has no one to blame but itself)
  3. PDF
  4. Interactive QuickTime


  1. 274 mi. 6h 48 m. ¶ Follow-up: can you do it in one tank?

  2. How do we turn a 7 into a 14?

  3. How far is 275 miles? From here driving South. Would you be in Mexico?

  4. Using homework from last week.

  5. Have them put their heads down and raise their hand for which plan they would go with. Extra credit to whoever is right. Use a camera phone to quickly record who thinks what.

  6. Show ‘em how to do decimals then set ‘em on the last half of the worksheet. (Didn’t get to this.)

  7. No one wants to write all that down. What’s the fast way?

  8. Really interesting for me to note how these classwork slides don’t adhere to each other. Each element (the small question, the arrow, the large answer) is positioned SLIGHTLY differently from slide to slide. My future self wants to huck a rock at my past self’s head for this design transgression.

  1. heart disease

  2. okay, maybe a little grim

  3. So here’s some current album artwork. Brooding photos, high contrast in one. Wild cartoon in the other.

  4. Here’s where they came from. Use the worksheet. Score -2 if you hate it on up to +2 if you love it. No neutral. I printed all these out at a one hour photo for $4.10 and gave one to each student.
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  1. I still do searches on your site when I come to a new unit, in this case exponents. Even though I don’t have the technology and books to straight-up steal them, this is one of the first places I check out for inspiration. If the reason you’re not posting the presentations anymore is for lack feedback, let it be known that this first year teacher just ordered iWork instead of Office with her new Mac. I figured if it works half as well as you advertise, it’s time to make the switch.

    P.S. The Albums worksheet link is down.

  2. It’s back up now. More instructions are available here.

    Thanks for the feedback on the lessons too. It’s my goal to have a complete set up in some form or fashion some day soon.

  3. Thanks. I thought I’d seen something with the album covers somewhere, but hadn’t bothered to run a search for them yet.

    And whenever you get more lessons up I’ll be thrilled. (Thanksgiving felt like a Christmas surprise.) Don’t get more overworked trying to reach that goal though.