Algebra A – Week 2 – 2007

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  1. adding/subtracting fractions, percents
  2. miss south carolina, exponents, stacked bar graphs, information design
  3. free powerpoint algebra lesson plans


  1. I’ve been revamping these lessons about twice as often as I have been Geometry.
  2. That’s true this week more than the last ’cause I’m charging hard at this Information Design unit, scratch-built, which I think is the right way to navigate percent, proportions, and fractions. It’s also one of the most important skills my students can lift from my class.
  3. Almost none of that happens inside the slides, though, so watch for the post forthcoming.


  1. Keynote (which four out of five doctors prefer)
  2. PowerPoint
  3. PDF
  4. Interactive QuickTime


  1. $35. Origin story here. ¶ We’re only doing b-4ac ‘cause we haven’t officially touched exponents yet.

  2. How do we turn a 7 into a 14?

  3. Ask for two kids who think they know how to play ball. Ask for two rebounders and a scorekeeper. Have the other kids bet on who’s better. Have one shoot 10 shots. Have one shoot 25 shots. Who was better? It’s tough to tell. Is it whoever shot the most in? Why not? Why is having the same denominator a good thing here? Before they determine the percent ask them to tell you whether the student was above or below 50%.

  4. Ask them what a percent PREDICTS.

  5. Work backward from percent to proportion.

  6. Saw this guy at a wedding last Saturday.

  7. So ESPN does something cool. They don’t just record the made shots and misses.

  8. They break ‘em down by percent. Have them get the percents.

  9. Ask them if the given fraction is above or below half. There are blanks on the pages for the students to fill in their own questions. Aside: this worksheet used to be PDF but FPD is the more natural conversion (imo). Difference another year teaching makes.

  10. Show ‘em how to do decimals then set ‘em on the last half of the worksheet. (Didn’t get to this.)

  1. $528,783,552,000 (I did a coy little unveiling here, first writing $528 and then, as they freaked out, writing the next three digits and so on.) Backstory here.

  2. At the end, hold up the two page multiple intelligences report and say, look what we did. We turned this list of stats, answers, and questions, into this picture. Which is better and why?

  3. Make sure they write (8) in ascending order.
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