Administrators I’d Buy a Beer

or: I’m Serious.

I’ve been meaning to make good on a commitment I made awhile back and Scott McLeod’s recent Great Commenter commencement ceremony reminded me to get out the lead.

Certain administrators have demonstrated a heartening interest in my development as a teacher and deserve more than just a great commenter badge. So to them, and for as long as our interests don’t conflict (i.e. as long as I’m not begging one of them for a job) I say: first round’s on me, as well as this digital IOU.

And here’s the link, in blog-sidebar-friendly 150×75.

Chris, Scott, Greg, Brian, and Rick, thanks a mil.


[Mr. Moses added 26 December 2008.]

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  1. Thanks, Dan!

    I’m debating whether I need a disclaimer to post this on my blog…

    Perhaps: “The beverage pictures in this image is not actual beer. Furthermore, ‘Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?’ and Scott Elias neither endorse nor promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages.”

  2. Slainte!

    Forget the Coca Cola….THIS is the pause that refreshes!

    Pull up a stool, and sit for a spell,
    good mentors – like fishermen – have many tales to tell!

    There are good ships,
    and there are wood ships,
    The ships that sail the sea.
    But the best ships, are friendships,
    And may they always be.