Month: June 2007

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That TV Tangent

Sorry about that. It just came up the other day, this general sense that educators are in something of a bind w/r/t television and their students’ viewing habits, which are, admittedly, atrocious straight across the board.

Used to be that teachers could teach transmission-style, lecturing for more than five minutes at a stretch, assign problems one through thirty odd, and preach the immorality of t.v. without inhibition.

But lecturing has become stigmatized, problem sets must be differentiated, and a teacher singing the universal immorality of any medium is an odd tune to hear.


Adapted A Little

Take a knee. Alright y’all, today we’re champions. Feels good, right? Enjoy it while it lasts ’cause tomorrow we’re targets. Next year, every other team in Texas is gonna be gunnin’ for us ’cause we’re number one. Now I don’t know about y’all but anything less than another state championship is completely unacceptable.

So here’s what we’re gonna do. Everyone think about the off season. The off season is about development. Development of strength, development of speed, development of character. [Teaching] is a twelve month, fifty-two week, 365 day commitment, [ladies and] gentlemen. Have a great day today. Enjoy it while it lasts because tomorrow we go to work.

Jason Street, Friday Night Lights S01E22.

Dear School 2.0: Please Stop.

Please, this has to stop. You have to stop reducing your ideological opposition to its most loathsome members. It’s an easy way to gain sympathy and traction but you’re undermining yourselves and you’re positively driving me crazy.

Right now, as I type this, some School 2.0 blogger is pasting up a poster on her blog’s brick wall denouncing the lazy, lecture-driven, intellectually-abusive, technologically-ignorant teacher. Happens every day and shows up in my feed once a week.

Happened a few days ago, in fact, and it’s intentionally going unlinked because the author is typically such a class act:

“Sit down, shut up, and learn,” is no longer an acceptable model for effective classroom instruction.

Maybe some of the teachers who consciously (or unconsciously) parrot that ethos have yet to retire. Maybe their ranks are still thick but, if they exist and if they’re as obstinate and stupid as you School 2.0 bloggers have established them to be (over and over and over again) then you will not change their minds. Even sadder, none of them read your blog.