Month: February 2007

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TMAO holds it down. ¶ “It is because of our control in shaping environments and in setting the conditions for teaching and learning that we must not speak of NCLB making us do things, at least not on the level of classrooms or schools, and maybe not even on the level of districts. When schools limit access to curriculum, or take away electives, or insist upon a fanatical adherence to scripted curriculum, these are responses to the test-everyone mandate, and must be judged on their merits independent of the existence of the overarching federal legislation. I recognize the danger here, the danger in saying stop complaining that I shot you, it’s your body’s response to the bullet in your head that’s causing all your problems. I get it, but I’m not buying, because the choices in response to the legislature that anger and frustrate so many are simply not the only choices.”

A Few Good Feeds

In the event that Neanderthalic School-2.0 contrarianism and anti-anti-NCLB missives are more your style than tricked-out lesson plans, I’ve added a couple of feeds.

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Help.  ¶ I want to split my RSS feeds by tags.  One feed for posts tagged with “lesson,” another for the rest.  (That way folks uninterested in the workings of my classroom don’t have to bother.) The current combined feed would stand as is.  ¶ What’s the fastest way to do this?  I looked into Feedburner but felt like I was committing to wallpaper swatches on a first date.