Month: February 2007

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Career Crisis #1 (of 2)

Last call for drinks at CoffeeCat. Since 17h00 — from immediately after our staff meeting on — I have been a slowly spreading bomb. My blast radius has expanded inches on the hour; ungraded tests and lesson outlines now taunt gravity at the edge of my table. Last call for drinks and I realize I’ve spent my entire day — 8h00 until 00h30 the next day — in the service of my 80% contract.


Eight for 2008

I finally read Eight for 2008 and it’s like someone ran the collective blogospheric wisdom through the Nonpartisanship Machine. Seriously, if you’ve ranted or enthused about it sometime in the last year, it’s probably in there. ¶ (Oh, and I think I want to be a SuperPrincipal. Half killing machine, half principal, sent from the third moon of Mars to help teachers teach and students learn. Don’t cut the lunch line though, ’cause he’s still got that killing machine thing going for him.)

Desperately Seeking SLA

Pass it right along.  Chris Lehmann and his Science Leadership Academy are looking for a faculty.  Qualifications include: inquiry-driven, collaborative, ‘net-savvy Pennsylvania-certified teachers.  It isn’t mentioned in the job posting, but I’m pretty sure an instant messenger account is a foregone conclusion.