Month: February 2007

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Downes: The Issues in Front of Us

I can’t really get a handle on Stephen Downes. Is he for this emergent 21st-century school? Against it? Is he after something far more anarchic than either of these? These are all rhetorical. Whatever his ideology, I really appreciated his recent deconstruction of a post by Doug Johnson. Johnson’s only offense, from the perspective of this School 2.0 skeptic, was leaning too heavily on jargon and coded language when explicit terms are necessary now more than ever. (Maybe this is what Christian would call a Trojan Horse post.) Repeatedly over the course of his post, Downes asks (essentially), “What do you really mean by this?” which is a question that always leaves me grateful to the asker.

Career Crisis #2 (of 2)

I watched Freedom Writers two weeks ago and have tried, since then, to graft several different structures to a post which has pitilessly rejected each of them.

There was the drinking game. I had the first rule:

Whenever anyone affirms the heroism, nobility, passion, or self-abnegation of the teacher, take a drink.

I quit that, however, when it became clear I’d be legally blitzed by the first reel change.