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Axes to Grind


2. Eric – Response to “In Defense of NCLB”
1. Dan – In Defense of NCLB

Editor’s Note

This is getting the full-service post on several accounts: a) it’s too large to toss into a comment; b) I skipped lesson planning in favor of writing this response to Eric’s response so, in my arrogance, I feel like it deserves an audience, c) the moments where you, Internet reader, call me out on my logical fallacies and naiveté have been invaluable lately; d) it’s a blog; we let quality control go in the first round of layoffs.

An Open Letter

Eric, thanks for opening this up a little more.


Biggie Smalls

Like saying Biggie Smalls’ name three times into a mirror, I worry that even this small citation will give too much power to Sarah Puglisi’s anti-NCLB rant. Once again, it doesn’t matter to me (or the cross-section of eager, hardworking young teachers I claim to represent) what you believe on NCLB (whether to scrap it or keep it), rather why you believe it and how you go about believing it. (Todd Seal, ladies and gentlemen, on getting the difference.)

Drag your mouse over any random swath of Puglisi’s polemic and the selection fails on both measures. Here’s one:

… [NCLB] wrestled the ART of teaching reading away from the instructor. Hooked onto Phonics and playing the phonics scripted tape, even if you read at the 6th grade level and sit in a 1st grade room. We are doing LONG A today kids. No one is special, you are all robots and I know what you need. Open up that worksheet.


How I Work: The Hardware Package

I aim for portability and scalability. I want the freedom to pitch a lesson to a small classroom and then walk up the hall to a 500-student auditorium and deliver the same lesson without a loss in returns. So I try to keep things portable and scalable. Here’s how: