Month: January 2007

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Distraction: Friends of Dave

“I think we agree that major reforms are needed. We just disagree on what they should be. While it isn’t perfect, NCLB has us talking about the low achievement of poor and minority students.” Dave (and friends!) take up the anti-anti-NCLB torch.

How I Work: The Hardware Package

I aim for portability and scalability. I want the freedom to pitch a lesson to a small classroom and then walk up the hall to a 500-student auditorium and deliver the same lesson without a loss in returns. So I try to keep things portable and scalable. Here’s how:


Finals Fever!

I used to love this season a lot more. I carried wounds out of college — fleshy, red stripes — inflicted by the dozen-or-so final exams I took each year. It was refreshing, then, even thrilling in some unfortunately sadistic sense, to be the one doling out the pain.

I was finally the one being begged for small granulated clues to exam content, rather than the one wheedling the same clues from some lame bohemian TA. Their anxiety, their whimpered pleas for a study guide, repaired me and, in the same regrettable sense as before, made me stronger. At one point I tallied all the final exams I’d taken in my life and then determined a five-year teaching stint would be enough to mend.