Month: December 2006

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“NCLB is forcing me to teach to the test.”

I’m afraid I have very little use for teachers whose first reaction to any accountability measures — particularly those of NCLB — is shock, indignation, and lame rhetoric like that in the post title above. Ron Wolk describes the educational heroism of Rhode Island and New Hampshire in Teacher Magazine:


From the Mailbag: Kay Endriss

I’m hereby pushing any questions about assessment into the foreground. I don’t have any insight into maintaining a clean classroom and my kids are still acclimating to Web 1.0, much less all these wikis y’all gush over. But if I’ve got anything to merit this bandwidth-suck, it’s an interest in meaningful assessment.

Kay asked some great questions in the comments. I’ll try to keep things concise, but I’m easily excited sometimes.



Hey, so if you’re coming by from The Practical Theorist and sensing the dust, um, can I ask you to swing back by sometime soon?

At the moment, I’m halfway through transferring posts over from a personal blog and oughtta have this place fully populated by the end of Winter Break. I took off for Christmas telling myself it’d require too much happenstance for someone to click through to this skeleton of a blog.

But apparently Chris checks his referral logs over Christmas or something. Nice to be announced but, man, I can’t help but feel a twinge of pity for his kids.